Co-Museum is a cultural collective devoted to expanding the art ecosystem and enabling more people to participate in it through communal ownership of the world’s most iconic artworks, both physical and digital.

    Using blockchain technology and the power of community, Co-Museum introduces new mechanisms through which we can value and interact with art, redefining the art experience.


    Art is one of the most powerful expressions of humanity. It transcends all boundaries and speaks to people all over the world; it inspires, provokes, documents, and communicates across cultures and generations. It is among the most ancient practices and its importance has only grown over time. From ancient civilizations to the present day, art remains a vital part of society and has served to document the greatest peaks of human history.

    Today, art is often inaccessible to ordinary people, as the prices of artworks can be prohibitively expensive to all but a select few. The market value of art pieces has increased significantly over time and will continue to do so, but culture should not be segregated by who can afford what, and that’s what Co-Museum is looking to change.

    We don’t want to see our culture reduced to a restrictive market, dominated by a small number of wealthy collectors and institutions.

    We want to change the fact that art enriches only a few individuals but has lost potential to enrich our lives.

    There is a big gap between the institutions holding these artworks and the people who care deeply about them, which is why we are expanding the art ecosystem so that everyone is able to participate in current and new dynamics.

    The concept of the art collector nowadays is associated with financial gain and social status – but we aim to remind the public that the true purpose of collecting is self-expression, connecting with our communities, and supporting the people and causes that we believe in.

    Collecting art is a way to tell the story of how we see the world. It’s a way to fuel the purest expression of our human condition. By collecting art, we promote a culture of appreciation for artists while also expressing our own unique creative side.

    We are the common folk, the enthusiasts, the 99% who have been left out of the picture in the art world – and we are coming together in order to bring art back where it belongs.

    Art should be accessible to everybody. We are connecting art lovers all over the world by sparking the possibility to co-own priceless collections, together. We are leading a revolution in art collecting by decentralizing ownership of artwork and promoting collectivity as a way of empowerment.

    Through Co-Museum, we will grant artists more agency over their work. We will protect and display artworks for all in ever expanding locations. We will abolish restrictions of wealth and geography so that anyone, anywhere, can co-own and enjoy art together.

    Blockchain technology is paving the way for the general public to have agency over culture for the first time in history, and powering our mission to redefine the art experience.

    We are expanding the art market, and everyone is welcome to join.


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