Co-Museum is a radically new cultural institution devoted to democratising ownership of some of the world’s masterpieces, protecting art in purpose-built viewing facilities, and creating a fully liquid and permissionless art market.

Our team is global with headquarters in Singapore. We have a key partnership with FASS @ Le Freeport Singapore to ensure our artworks can be experienced in-person by co-owners in specialised viewing rooms, and permanently protected.

You’ve never seen a museum like this.

Co-Museum was incubated within Coinhako and FASS @ Le Freeport Singapore, working with a team of leading figures and innovators in the worlds of art, blockchain, and technology.

Core Team
Wei Yang Chaw, Co-Founder / Creative Director
Uros Perisic, Co-Founder / Head of Technology
Alaukik Pant, Co-Founder / Head of Engineering
Ilia Kosar, Co-Founder / Head of Product
Freddy Leiva, Co-Founder / Head of Partnerships

How it works

  1. We select and acquire works by artists that are art-historically and culturally significant.
  2. We hold the physical artwork at FASS@Le Freeport Singapore, ensuring its permanent security.
  3. We convert the painting’s title deed into an NFT (ERC721). Then, we mint ERC20 tokens which can be traded on DEXs like Uniswap or our purpose-built app.
  4. Painting-specific ERC20s can be converted into membership NFTs that offer utility and governance rights. Membership features include but are not limited to: viewing rights at FASS@Le Freeport; access to Co-Museum events; exclusive merch and collectibles.
  5. Artworks in Co-Museum’s collection will tour the world in pop-up exhibitions and museum shows.

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